dom = val.domain >>> g = nltk.sem. In order to provide backwards compatibility with 'legacy' grammars where the semantics value is specified with a 


Semantics are about meaning, and meaning is without question the single most important thing in any communication. If meaning has no meaning, than people are just making random noises. So semantics is not a matter of no import as they would have you believe, but indeed the one single matter that is of undeniably paramount importance.

There are several DOM abbreviations: gEBI - getElementById gEBTN - getElementsByTagName Xpath locators and css selectors are used in the context of selenium web driver, and DOM locators are used in the context of javascript (i.e. to locate element with DOM locator properly you shoulda wrap DOM locators with JavascriptExecutor firstly) usage example: 2019-12-02 2019-03-14 Semantic Elements in HTML. Many web sites contain HTML code like: